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Saturday, 2 July 2011

How to Compress 1GB data to 10MB

In this post am gonna teach you "How to Compress 1GB data to 10MB", it is a compression tool like winrar or alzip but the capacity of compression is much better than any other compression tool. It can compress your 1GB data to just 10MB. I was having trouble to compress my 2GB operating system in a CD which has capacity of 700MB, and then i Google it and found the tool and here you follow some steps to do the same!!!!
Effectiveness: - 

Using this method i compressed my Backtrack OS which is up to 1.9GB to 19MB. It will help you for sure!!

What is it: -
It is a compression tool called KGB Archiver.   
It is an open source compression tool like Alzip and winrar but the compression rate is much better then any other compression tool. It uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt archives. The disappointing thing with KGB Archiver is due to its high compression rate its minimum hardware requirements is high (Recommend processor with 1.5 GHz clock and MB RAM) and compression and decompression process is time consuming. 

Strength: -

Very high compression power with very accurate result and no loss of data.

Weakness: -

Due to high compression rate, the time requires to compress and decompress the file is high.

Download: -

You can download the software by clicking on the bellow link



Nitish Parnami said...

fake !

Misty said...

fake !

maliro Mumbere said...

thanks you!

maliro Mumbere said...

is this tool a share ware? Or free ware. If it's a share ware can you link me a keygen? A serial? Or a crack?

Williams said...

fake !

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

MadCow said...

Fake is not realy that good...and it is suspicius...and realy not bether than most other compresion tools...but mutch slower.

Anonymous said...

can i download your backtrack os, please